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  1. Kubernetes 1.18+
  2. CoreDNS is deployed

Unsupported platforms

  1. Openshift
  2. Rancher

Above platforms are not supported yet but will be supported in the future.


Linux Distributions

  1. CentOS/RHEL 7.4+
  2. Rocky Linux 8.4+
  3. Ubuntu 18+
  4. Kylin V10

Processor Architecture

  1. x86_64
  2. ARM64

Package Dependencies

  1. LVM2 is installed
  2. For HA features, kernel-devel must be installed and match the version of the operating kernel
CentOS/RHEL, Rocky and Kylin
$ yum install -y lvm2
$ yum install -y kernel-devel-$(uname -r)
$ apt-get install -y lvm2
$ apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Secure Boot

The HA feature does not support Secure Boot currently. Make sure Secure Boot is disabled

$ mokutil --sb-state
SecureBoot disabled

$ dmesg | grep secureboot
[ 0.000000] secureboot: Secure boot disabled

Data Disk

HwameiStor supports HDD, SSD, and NVMe.

For test, each host must have at least one unused drive with a minimal size of 10GiB.

For production, it is recommended to have at least one unused drive, protected by RAID1 or RAID5/6, with a minimal size of 200GiB.


For production, it is recommended to have a redundant 10Giga TCP/IP network, if the HA feature is enabled.