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Reliable Helper System for HwameiStor Is Online

· 2 min read
Jie Li
Michael Yao

News today: The HwameiStor Reliable Helper System, an automatic and reliable cloud-native local storage maintenance system dedicated to system operation and maintenance, has been launched.

DaoCloud officially opens source of HwameiStor Reliable Helper System, a cloud native, automatic, reliable local storage maintenance system. This system is still in the alpha stage. HwameiStor creates a local storage pool with HDD, SSD, and NVMe disks for a central management. As the underlying data base used by applications, disks often face risks such as natural and unintentional damage. In this case, the Reliable Helper System comes out for disk operation and maintenance. All developers and enthusiasts are welcome to try it out.

System architecture

In the cloud native era, application developers can focus on the business logic itself, while the agility, scalability, and reliability required by the application runtime attribute to the infrastructure platform and O\&M team. The HwameiStor Reliable Helper System is a reliable operation and maintenance system that meets the requirements of the cloud-native era. Currently, it supports the feature of one-click disk replacement.

Comprehensively enhance the operation and maintenance

Reliable, one-click replacement, alert reminder

  • Reliable data migration and backfill

    Automatically recognize RAID disks and determine if the data migration and backfill is required to guarantee data reliability.

  • One-click disk replacement

    This feature is implemented by using the disk uuid.

  • Intuitive alert reminder

    If any exceptions occur in the process of one-click disk replacement, the system will raise an alert to remind you.

Join us

If the coming future is an era of intelligent Internet, developers will be the pioneers to that milestone, and the open source community will become the "metaverse" of developers.

If you have any questions about the HwameiStor cloud-native local storage system, welcome to join the community to explore this metaverse world dedicated for developers and grow together.